Magna Carta (Photo by Ash Mills)
Magna Carta (Photo by Ash Mills)


Introducing Dr. Andy Souter - Join Him On Tour This Year

We recently sat down for a chat with Dr. Andy Souter, who will be leading a number of our departures throughout the year, and he filled us in on his academic journey, passions and interests. 

Hi Andy, tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello there! My name is Dr. Andrew…

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Introducing Our 2020 Preview Brochure

Announcing the launch of Andante Travels' 2020 preview brochure is a very special event because it officially marks the beginning of our 35th anniversary year celebrations.

We began back in 1985, with one tour and just one guest. The tour in question was Journey Through Wessex, which included visits to…

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Deal or No Deal: Brexit-Proof Your Holiday With Andante Travels

If you are concerned about the potential effect of Brexit on your European holiday, you are not alone – but consider the ‘Brexit-proof’ aspects of an Andante Travels tour and book with complete confidence. We have on our doorstep the most extraordinary continent of historical and cultural wonders, offering myriad…

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Women's History Month: La Malinche

La Malinche, 1501-1529. 

“Many Mexicans consider her a traitor who betrayed her own people - to this day calling someone La Malinche is considered an insult. Personally I think she was stuck in between a rock and a hard place and has got a pretty unfair rep. She did what…

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Women's History Month: Khadija

“The first wife of the prophet Mohammed; Khadija was a successful business women in her own right who controlled one of the most important caravan trade routes in the region. She was the first Muslim and believed in Mohammed before he believed in himself. Not only was she an extraordinary…

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2019's Most Exciting Archaeological Discoveries So Far

If you have a keen interest in archaeology, you'll have been keeping up with news of the most recent finds. However, there have been so many this year already that you may have missed a few. We've rounded up the ones we've considered to be the most exciting...…

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