Thermal complex in Guelma
Thermal complex in Guelma

Add Algeria To Your Archaeological Bucket List

One of the biggest travel trends for 2020 is undertourism, which is something we took into consideration when putting together our tour programme for the new year. A destination that stood out to us, not only as a champion for the undertourism movement, but as a place filled with phenomenal archaeology and rich history, was Algeria.

Considered one of the least-visited countries in the world, and with a tourism industry that is still very much developing, Algeria should be on any archaeology-lover’s bucket list – and for myriad reasons. Access to its ruinous cities is now easier than it has been for some years, it is home to one of the most exquisite Roman mosaics in the world (the highly regarded “Triumph of Dionysus”), and there are fascinating remains just waiting to be discovered.

Interested? We thought you might be. This unique 10-day tour flies into Algiers and visits a range of captivating sites around the country. Discover the UNESCO-listed site of Djemila, once described as “one of the most perfect expressions of the meeting of Roman power and African beauty”; explore the ruined city of Tiddis, which due to its awkward terrain saw buildings being cut into the mountainside; and tour the Roman city of Tipasa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site overlooking the sea, with impressive remains both of the high Roman Empire and of the early Christian period.

One of the highlights of this exciting new tour is our visit to Timgad, an ancient Roman town whose remains are almost perfectly preserved. It retains its playing-card shape and gridded street layout, and its creation was ordered by Trajan in AD 100 for veterans of the Third Legion Augusta. Getting to stand before the magnificent Triumph of Dionysus mosaic at the Setif Archaeological Museum is also a real honour, as is our visit to the evocative ruins of Hippo Regius. Elsewhere, you’ll pore over artefacts at some amazing museums, you’ll visit a local mosque and there will be a stop at the Palace of Ahmed Bey, which is surrounded by tiled walkways and gardens lined with orange trees.

So, when can you go? Well, we have two departures on offer. The first will leave on 29th September and the second is due to depart on 1st November, so you have plenty of time to read up on Algeria’s rich history before the tour takes place!

If you’re wondering who you’ll be travelling with, you’re in for a treat. The September departure will be led by our award-winning Dr. Eireann Marshall, who was crowned Wanderlust magazine’s Top History & Culture Guide of 2019, and the November departure is led by Steve Roskams, an experienced archaeologist who worked for the Museum of London and also directed projects in Beirut.

Algeria | Roman Mauretania: Departs 29th September or 1st November, 2020.