The iconic Passion Play in Oberammergau
The iconic Passion Play in Oberammergau

Introducing Our 2020 Preview Brochure

Announcing the launch of Andante Travels' 2020 preview brochure is a very special event because it officially marks the beginning of our 35th anniversary year celebrations.

We began back in 1985, with one tour and just one guest. The tour in question was Journey Through Wessex, which included visits to sites in and around the city we are based in, from Stonehenge and Old Sarum, to Salisbury Cathedral and our local museum. To mark this milestone, we have brought this itinerary back for two very special departures next spring and summer – a homecoming, of sorts!

Showcasing a total of 35 tours for the new year, destinations that you can visit in 2020 range from Belize to China and from North India to Serbia. A brand new tour on offer for 2020 is Sardinia – Warriors & Traders. This 9-day archaeological adventure will take guests all over the island and also to the most famous and complex of all nuraghic sites, Su Nuraxi, where very special access awaits.

Oman is another new destination on our books and the 11-day tour on offer to this lesser-visited country will highlight the rock art at Hasat bin Sult, the location of the lost city of Ubar and the wealth of fascinating artefacts to be found here.

Special Access

As always, a host of unique experiences await. Notable special access for 2020 includes a private tour of the Archaeological Crypt in Alcácer do Sal, a privileged evening visit to the glittering Cappella Palatina in Palermo, exclusive out-of-hours access to the iconic Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, a private tour of the Great Pyramid of Khufu's interior, and a visit to the Mithraeum beneath Rome's Circus Maximus.

To learn more about the special access we offer, search our tour pages and keep an eye out for any mentions of it. 

Unique to 2020

2020 is also a special year because it marks the 42nd performance of the once-per-decade Oberammergau Passion Play (pictured above). We will run three departures for guests wanting to experience this legendary event between the months of June and August. Along with full access to the performance itself, travellers will dine at the famous Hofbräuhaus, tour Munich's Residenz, discover the cultural delights of Salzburg, and sit down to a special dinner concert that has a late-18th century theme in the atmospheric candlelit surroundings of the St. Peter Monastery.

Revamping an old favourite...

Known for our tours of Pompeii, which are among our longest-running and most popular, we have revamped our itinerary for this world-renowned destination, making it more exclusive than ever before. In 2020, a Pompeii tour with Andante includes private access to the store rooms of Paestum Museum, where tombs not open to the public can be observed. It also includes private access to the Grotta di Seiano and the incredible opportunity to visit the theatre in neighbouring Herculaneum, opened especially for Andante's guests. These experiences can't be found elsewhere and accompany visits to the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, the Pozzuoli amphitheatre, the archaeological site of Pompeii itself, the mighty crater of Vesuvius, and a day's touring in Herculaneum.