Loch Morlich
Loch Morlich

Discover the Picts with expert guide Peter Yeoman

Long considered to be mysterious lost peoples from a dark age, the Picts helped lay the foundations of modern Scotland and their stories come to life through standing stone-carvings and buildings. 

Join our expert guide lecturer, Peter Yeoman, on a seven-day tour that explore the Picts in great depth. Gain fascinating insights into the most recent developments in Pictish archaeology, which will revolutionise your understanding of the Picts and their kingdoms. 

Departing on 6th September, this tour starts from £2,045pp and visits the likes of the National Museum of Scotland with its important Pictish collection, masterpieces of Pictish carving (such as the St. Andrews Sarcophagus) and other Pictish sites. 

Meet Peter Yeoman, your tour guide

Having worked as an archaeologist throughout the UK for over 40 years, Peter is the perfect guide to lead this unique tour. Until recently, he was Head of Cultural Heritage and then Principal Heritage Researcher at Historic Scotland, working across their 340 properties in care, along with the management of World Heritage Sites. 

Speaking about what first sparked his interest in archaeology, Peter explained, "Serendipity. Growing up in the north-east of Scotland, as children we were often taken for days out to wonderful late medieval castles nearby, such as Dunnottar. And by extraordinary good luck, a neighbour was running a major amateur excavation project on a promontory fort at Cullykhan, which I took part in from the age of 14. This project launched the careers of a generation of professional and academic archaeologists."

Peter designed the Discovering the Picts: Warriors, Kings & Artists tour for Andante Travels, which will allow you to explore the fantastic heritage of the once-shadowy people who shaped early medieval Scotland. 

Catch Peter on television

If you're fascinated by history, architecture and archaeology, why not sit down to watch the great series, World's Greatest Palaces. Featuring Peter, this show shines a spotlight on the interiors of ten of the world's most important royal residences in existence - exploring their stories along with the lives of those who called them home. You can watch a trailer for the TV show below.

Peter will also be leading the upcoming Orkney & Shetland tour, which departs on 13th July and starts from £2,995. Click here to view the full itinerary. 

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Discover the Picts with expert guide Peter Yeoman was published on 24 February 2020