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Couple Walking On Beach

Your rewards!

Everyone who has travelled at least once with one of the Specialist Journeys travel brands (Andante Travels, Brightwater Holidays, Arblaster & Clarke, Historical Trips, Archaeological Tours and Authentic Adventures), thank you! We would be nothing without the passion, adventure and loyalty of our travelling guests, and we want to reward that loyalty. So from 2021, you’ll receive certain extra-value benefits on your holidays, and the more you travel with us the greater the rewards – right up to a top tier benefit worth up to £300!

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Whether you have travelled with a Specialist Journeys brand once or 50 times, we want to celebrate the fact that you chose us for your holiday and reward you when you travel with us again in the future. That’s why we’ve introduced Specialist Journeys Rewards, a brand-new scheme to thank you for your custom and loyalty with a tiered series of benefits. We take all of your past travels with us into account to determine your starting tier and every future tour you book with any Specialist Journeys brand moves you up through the tiers. Travel benefits will start kicking in on 2021 departure dates. So, for example, if you have travelled seven times with us (making you a Gold tier member), you can choose from complimentary airport parking, airport hotel or airport lounge access on your 2021 holiday.



all guests


2 - 3 tours


4 - 5 tours


5 - 9 tours


10+ tours

Loyalty magazine
Priority access to new tours and special offers  
Access to Pioneer Tours  
Exclusive return-from-tour discounts  
Bespoke baggage strap    
Access to By Invitation Only Tours    

Choose between:

FREE pre- or post-tour airport hotel stay

FREE airport parking

Or FREE airport lounge access


Choose between:

Single supplement credit up to £300

Or FREE additional one-night hotel stay at the start or end of your tour




Terms and conditions: Specialist Journeys Rewards benefits commence on departures from 1 January 2021. Hotel stay benefits subject to availability. Platinum hotel stay benefit subject to maximum value of £300 per booking, including flight deviation and private transfer costs. Platinum single supplement credit subject to solo room availability and maximum value of £300 per booking. Specialist Journeys reserve the right to remove or alter Rewards benefits at any time. Tier status and applicable benefits will reset if no booking is made within five years.

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Pioneer Tours

Pioneer Tours are your chance to help us craft perfect holidays. Before we put a tour on sale, we generally conduct an inspection trip to check the quality of hotels and services, familiarise our tour manager and guide lecturer with the key sites, and to better understand the logistical details. Depending on the destination, we may offer the chance for a small group of guests to join us on this trip. It helps us to get a customer’s perspective on our itinerary and services, and there are also a host of benefits for the guest:

  • You would pay much less than the normal cost of a holiday to join us
  • You get to be the very first to visit an unusual and exciting destination such as Kyrgyzstan or North Korea with us
  • Your input is instrumental in creating an amazing holiday itinerary
  • If you wish to return on the ‘finished’ itinerary that you helped create, there would be a substantial discount to do so
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By Invitation Only Tours

Most tours with Specialist Journeys brands include some kind of special access or key insight, which you could not enjoy with a mainstream tour operator. However, as part of our Rewards Programme, we intend to identify genuinely unique travel experiences to offer on a small group tour whose participants are specially invited, as a thank you for travelling with us so frequently. From celebrity private garden tours to our own private access to the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums, these ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experiences make for truly spectacular and memorable holidays.

Your questions answered If you have any other queries about our Rewards Programme, please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call today on: 01722 671 245

As with anything new, there are bound to be a few questions.

Here’s a handy FAQ to get you started.


1. Which Rewards tier am I?

The letter accompanying this magazine should detail your tier status.

2. When does the Rewards Programme start?

All your previous travels and any 2020 tours with us count towards your tier status, but the new rewards themselves begin on 2021 tour departures. If you have already booked your tour for 2021, you will receive the applicable reward when you travel.

3. Which brands are included in the Rewards Programme?

Your tier status is based on past bookings with Andante Travels (excluding Study Days), Brightwater Holidays, Arblaster & Clarke, Historical Trips, Archaeological Tours and Authentic Adventures. It doesn’t matter which Specialist Journeys brand you choose – you still earn tier points accordingly and rewards apply to departures for all brands starting from January 2021.

4. How often will I receive this magazine?

At the moment, this magazine will be published and sent out twice yearly, but we may decide to increase this to quarterly in the future, so please get in touch and let us what kind of articles you’d like to read and which personalities you would like to see interviewed.

5. How do I claim my rewards?

When you are due a particular reward, our system prompts us accordingly and will notify the sales consultant when you make your booking. They will be able to confirm the detail of the reward and make the necessary arrangements for you to receive it.