The mighty Kerak Crusader castle
The mighty Kerak Crusader castle

Dr Neil Faulkner

Dr Neil Faulkner

Dr Neil Faulkner is an archaeologist and historian who specialises in Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Modern Conflict, and Cinema archaeology. He has carried out fieldwork in Norfolk, Jordan, Italy, Ireland, Slovenia, and Spain.

Neil is interested in processes of long-term change, and researches the relationships between humans, landscapes, and material culture in social transformations. He has a special interest in revolution and war, a role that includes editorship of Military History Matters. He has worked as editor and writer for Current Archaeology, Current World Archaeology, and Minerva. He is a regular contributor to TV documentaries.

Neil’s publications include:

Faulkner, N. 2008. Rome: Empire of the Eagles. Harlow: Pearson Longman.

Faulkner, N. 2012. A Visitor's Guide to the Ancient Olympics. London: Yale.

Faulkner, N. 2018. A Radical History of the World. London: Pluto.

What first sparked your interest for archaeology?

A primary school teacher (Kay Piper), a secondary school teacher (Richard Gosling), and then my two academic mentors at UCL's Institute of Archaeology (Mark Hassall and Richard Reece). I should add that reading Leonard Cottrell and Vere Gordon Childe was inspirational. 

If you can – which is your favourite archaeological site?

My own. I have been digging a Middle Anglo-Saxon settlement at Sedgeford in Norfolk for 25 years, and I love everything about it - the  place, the people, the archaeology, the debate, the ongoing intellectual challenge. 

What does archaeology mean to you?

Not having to work for a living. I am immensely privileged. I can spend most of my time digging things up and talking about archaeology to interested, intelligent people. What could be better?

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