Melk Abbey
Melk Abbey
Matthias Grebien

Matthias Grebien is an Austrian archaeologist, who is currently embarked on PhD studies at Unversity of Graz, Austria.

He wrote his dissertation about the Roman monuments in Gigthis in today´s Southern Tunisia. After several excavations seasons in Ephesos, Alinda and Side he started his Phd thesis about the antique city fortifications in Side in Southern Turkey and already wrote several papers about it. After 8 seasons in Side he is an expert for the Roman provinces Lycia, Pamphylia and Pisidia. So he organized and led excursions to Lycia and Phamphylia, the Roman Spain and Naples for the universities of Graz and Salzburg. Additionally he is working for excavation projects in Greece and Croatia. One of his further interests is the history of the Austrian part oft he Roman Danube limes. He loves travelling, hiking and sharing his passion for Archaeology and History.

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