Oberammergau and the Southern Limes


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The journey begins in Trier on the River Mosel, the oldest city in Germany, and a great 4th century Christian imperial capital. It culminates in the spectacular depiction of the events of the crucifixion in the famous Oberammergau Passion Play. The cathedral of Trier houses relics of the crucifixion, and of St. Helena who travelled to the Holy Land to find the True Cross. We travel the line of the Roman frontier – the Limes – from Mainz (Moguntiacum) to Regensburg (Castra Regina), investigating the sites and museums of the longest artificial frontier of the Roman Empire. Finally, we witness the sublime Oberammergau Passion Play, the main highlight of our trip.

Tour highlights:

  • The monuments of imperial Trier, including the Porta Nigra city gate, the basilica and audience hall of Constantine the Great
  • See the unique Museum of Roman Ships in Mainz
  • View the Aschaffenburg Pompejanum – an idealised 19th century vision of a Pompeiian house, built by Ludwig I of Bavaria
  • Wander the southern Limes, located on the borders of Germany
  • Category one tickets to the Oberammergau Passion Play
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  • Expert Guide Lecturer
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  • Entries to all sites as per the itinerary
  • All taxes & gratuities
  • Field notes
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