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Rise & fall of the Third Reich

We follow the story of Nazi Germany, beginning with the party’s birth in the beer halls of 1919 Munich and ending with the Third Reich’s demise, in the ruins of 1945 Berlin. We see how Germany embarked upon this catastrophic direction in its history. We learn how the country elected the Nazis, the methods the Nazis used to sustain themselves in power, and the perpetration of some of the most murderous crimes in history. Finally, we hear about the fate of Germany itself as it was propelled along this path of self-destruction with ruinous consequences.

In Munich, we examine such milestones as the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch – Hitler’s first abortive attempt to seize power; we visit the first Nazi concentration camp at Dachau; and we dine in the famous Munich Hofbräuhaus, where Hitler unveiled the 25-point Nazi party programme. In Berchtesgaden, we have lunch at the Eagle’s Nest, on the mountain where Hitler relaxed and entertained his courtiers.  Our final destination is Berlin, visiting the lakeside villa at Wannsee, where the Holocaust was planned in chilling detail. We descend into a newly excavated air-raid shelter complex and see the Topography of Terror exhibition, which documents the atrocities of Hitler’s criminal regime in all their horror.

Tour highlights:

  • Let Hitler’s lift whisk you to the summit of Kehlstein mountain for lunch with amazing views
  • Tour the remains of the Berghof, Hitler’s home and the court where Nazism was condemned
  • Explore a variety of notorious sites that have historic links to the Nazi regime and its downfall
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  • Entries to all sites as per the itinerary
  • All taxes & gratuities
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