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A thousand years before the Great Pyramid at Giza was constructed, people on the tiny island of Malta were moving stones weighing up to 50 tonnes. At 5500 years old, the megalithic temples of Malta and Gozo are among the oldest ritual structures in the world - decorated with some of the most extraordinary art to be found anywhere in the Mediterranean.

Led by an archaeologist specialising in Maltese history and archaeology, we explore the many ages of Malta: from those ancient temples and into the Medieval period. We also spend a day in Valletta, built by the crusading Knights Hospitaller, having defeated the Ottoman Turks in the great siege of 1565.

Tour highlights:

  • Extraordinary prehistoric culture predating the Great Pyramid at Giza by over 1000 years
  • Marvel at the impressive Megalithic temples of Malta and the related artefacts on display in the museums
  • A strategic gem, coveted by empires throughout the ages – from the Romans to the British
  • Explore the history of the Knights of the order of St John at the Grandmaster’s Palace
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