The Medici & the High Renaissance in Florence


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Patronage, Palazzi and Ville in an age of splendour             

The extraordinary flourishing of art and learning in the height of the Renaissance in Florence remains one of the pinnacles of human achievement. This development of the arts and sciences coincided with the growth of the de’ Medici family, who rose from humble beginnings in Mugello to become the most important bankers in Europe and the wealthiest. It was a dynasty which produced 4 popes, 2 influential Queens of France and which patronised a revolution in the arts which includes the invention of the pianoforte and opera, the development of sciences under Galileo, as well as some of the most important architects and painters the world has seen. This tour explores the palazzi in the city of Florence, as well as the UNESCO listed villas on the outskirts of the city in order to consider the art produced in this age of splendour and the patronage that allowed it to happen.

Tour highlights:

  • As guests of the Marquise Torrigiani enjoy a visit of the Torrigiani Gardens established in the 16th century
  • Explore the Uffizi Gallery and its world class collection of Renaissance art
  • Visit the extraordinary Palazzo Vecchio, once the city and ultimately the de’ Medici Palace
  • Walk in the UNESCO listed gardens of the Medicean villas in the outskirts of Rome
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  • Field notes
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